Welcome to Smutober!

Smutober is a 31 day long challenge to create something smutty every day.

Take the prompt of the day and write a short story (1000 words max) or if that’s not your bag, then maybe a poem, a drawing, a painting or even a sculpture. You have free rein to take the prompt and be creative, if your thing is photography then take a photo or if you express yourself through craft then create in another way something that is inspired by that word.

Smutober is all about expression and inspiring erotic creation everyday during october.

Once you’ve completed that day challenge then Pop it up on your blog/website/instagram/facebook/twitter/etc and add the link to the days linky list on the site.

Be sure to visit other people’s Smutober entries and comment where you can (Creative peeps love feedback!) Original content is encouraged however if you have a particularly smutty creation (excerpt from book or a painting you’ve already done for example) that really fits the prompt then go for it.

Remember to link back to http://smutober.ilovesmut.uk/ and use the hashtag #smutober in your posts, and use any of the banners and buttons provided on the link to us page, thank you.

There is no need to offer a prize but if as part of your Smutober challenge you’d like to then go for it – all responsibility for it is yours, though and if you can make the contest open worldwide that’d be awesome.

Links can be added to the Smutober site now but please don’t set them to go live until their specific date. If your link isn’t live by 2pm GMT on any given day your link will be deleted off the list without warning. To avoid having any broken links.